I Love to Crochet, It’s An Addiction!

Girls Flower HatI think it’s very important for people to have a hobby, especially if you are a parent.  Hobbies allow you to get away into your own little world of fun and relaxation.  Some people do yoga, others collect things, I crochet.  I have been crocheting for over 10 years and it has become my way to meditate. give me some yarn and in a couple of hours, days, or weeks I have something that no longer looks like a ball of yarn.  I now have a blanket, a bag, a hat or a scarf.  My biggest challenge (besides finding the time to crochet) is not buying yarn, I really have to control myself….It’s my addiction…lol

My friends have told me that I should sell what I make, and I do sometimes but I mostly enjoy making things as gifts. I love to give baby blankets at baby showers or a hat and scarf set for Christmas, I feel that a gift is much more special if you make it.  These days I love to make stuff for my kids. I’ve made them blankets, hats, dolls and costume accessories.

When most people think about a women who knits or crochets they think of the grandma who makes ugly sweaters for her grandchildren; I am not that old lady yet.  I know that crocheting will always be part of my life and hopefully part of my children’s lives too.  One day I will be that grandma making sweaters for my grandchildren, I’m hoping they won’t be ugly…

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