Getting Ready For School: Day 11


img_5639Day three of our morning routine being in their bedroom and it is so much better than before Rafael gets to watch and participate some before taking his nap and the kids are very focused on their morning activities.  Today Sofia wanted to play with the Plus Plus blocks and Francisco wanted to do a little bit of sorting after playing BANG! for about 5 minutes. Our sorting activity box hasn’t been used for very long time and I forgot about it, it’s in their shelf and he rediscovered it.  I’ll be pulling it out more often because it also has pattern activities.


Since my mom is back I texted her early and we decided to go to the playground with the kids and then run some errands after.  When we got to the playground it turns out that it was not the playground that Francisco wanted to go to and had an all out meltdown. But after about 10 minutes of watching Rafael and Sofia run around having a good time he decided he would start playing. While we were walking to the playground he kept saying “we’re going to the green jungle gym” and I was like “sure we’re going to the green jungle gym” not realizing that the jungle gym we were going to was not the green jungle gym so when we got there he became very upset that we were not at the jungle gym he thought we were going to. (I still have no idea what park he is talking about) I tried talking to him and explain to him that we were not going to the green jungle gym and that he should go and play but it was very hard for him to wrap his head around the fact that we were not where he thought we were going.  It’s times like these where I just need to let him go through his moments and not worry about trying to convince him that it will be okay because he will eventually come to terms with the situation and be able to move forward.

After spending some time at the playground we went to the supermarket, the kids love going to the supermarket.  The Supermarket is a great place to learn about healthy food, counting, organization, and cooperation.  I always let them pick a food that they will carry home in their own bag.  This food is rarely a dessert it’s normally something they will want to eat later for lunch or dinner. On this trip Sofia picked cream corn and Francisco picked pasta and they both carried their food home.  Remember, even though your children are the smallest members of your family, they are capable of doing a lot. This
includes contributing to family responsibilities like carrying food home from the supermarket. They participate in eating it so they should help carry it.

After lunch and very long naps they had 30 minutes of free time and then we picked out a couple of books to read.  Sofia picked If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and Francisco picked Creepy Carrots and an Elephant & Piggie book.  He started to read the Elephant & Piggie book first and after that they pulled out all the Elephant & Piggie books.  30 minutes and a whole lot of fun later we had read 8 books, Mo Willems is a genius and my kids are always going to love reading because of his fun and hilarious books. It was a fun filled day, I’m exhausted.

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