Getting Ready For School : Day 10

Today I decided to do a couple of things differently.  I had the kids wash up, get dressed and go into their their room to do their name writing and morning activity. I put Rafael in the crib and he was able to watch until it was time for him to go down for his nap. I was a little worried that this would cause some anxiety for Francisco since she’s such a stickler for routine, but he was fine with it. The reason I moved activities into the bedroom is because I feel that it will be a less distracting setting and it turned out that it was.  I will continue to have our morning routine in the bedroom and see how it goes.

My mother and my sister are back from Florida they’ve been on vacation for a while so the kids are very excited to see them. After morning activities they played outside for a while, we had an alfresco lunch and Sofia was having such a good time she cried when she had  to go inside to take her nap. After naps the kids continue to hang out with my mom so not much else happened in the afternoon. Maybe tomorrow will take a trip out to the Flushing Meadow Park since I’ll have additional hands.

Francisco drew a ten frame with chalk, he was very proud of himself

Math Activity:

  • Target $1 section addition write and wipe cards.
  • Ten frame cards made with sentence strips from the Dollar Tree.
    • All you need is a ruler, sharpie, and clear packing tape if you don’t have a laminator.
  • Something to use as counters, I happen to find counting bears at a flea market for a $1.  You can buy counting bears on Amazon or any education store. you can also use buttons, beans, coins, or any other small objects.

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