Getting Ready For School: Day 8

I introduced the game BANG!and while Sophia was so excited to play Francisco was not.  I think his frustration and moodiness started when I changed how he was going to write his name.  Francisco is the kind of kid that needs and likes consistency, and once he gets use to a routine deviating from that routine makes him very anxious.

 After the BANG! meltdown Francisco needed time to relax and collect himself.  I let him sit and watch some TV while I got Sofia ready to go outside.  Some might think that I shouldn’t have forced him to play  the game if he was upset, but if he was in school he  might not have a choice.  A teacher will ask him to play even if it’s for five minutes.  I know his feelings and anxiety are very real, but sometimes he needs to be pushed so he can realize that he will be okay.

Going outside was something that made Francisco very excited.  When I mentioned that he needed to get ready to go backyard he jumped up and said, “is the ice frozen?!?” Doing the excavation made them very excited to play with ice.  I made sure all the ice trays were filled so they could have lots of ice to play with.

After lunch I let the kids play on their own and I cleaned the house.  I think this is going to be part of my new routine, Wednesday afternoon might be a house cleaning day, it gives me and the kids a break.

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