Getting Ready For School: Day 7

I am pleased to say that the kids have really become use to our morning schedule and have even started making activity request.  This morning after they got dressed I was going to set them up with a game while I put Rafa down for his nap, Francisco asked if he could use his iPad.  Of course I said no, then he said we will play Starfall, I was impressed that he knew just the right thing to say to get what he wanted so I let them play with their iPad’s for 15 min.

img_5381Yesterday I read log about an ice excavation summer activity.  I’ve been wanting to do this activity for a long time and I was inspired by the blog.  I immediately collected a bunch of little toys and found a tupperware (I have a lot of “tupperware”) that was split in two so I could make big cubes of ice with toys in them.

Today I set up the toy ice cubes with salt, a spray bottle with hot water, a wooden hammer, and a cocktail muddler in one of our water tables in the back yard.  I would have to say that is is one of the best summer science activities you can do with your kids.  When they came outside they were so excited. I have have never seen them so determind to do anything.  img_5410

They spent over an hour playing with ice.  Once they finished excavating all their toys they asked for more ice, so I took all the ice out of my freezer.  It was fun watching them explore and discover, there was a point where they were literally watching ice melt in the sun. To say the least they had a really good time, and they want to play with ice tomorrow.

After lunch and naps we cleaned up their room (I gave directions, they cleaned up).  They played with their Lego’s for a bit and I was able to go into the living room and play with Rafa.  They also did a little work in a new workbook,  they worked on a couple of pages and it was time for me to start making dinner.  It was a fun day, and I made sure all the ice trays have been filled.


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