Getting Ready For School: Day 6

img_5287When thinking about this week ( yesterday I typed up and printed out a schedule) I didn’t think that my biggest challenge today would be motivating myself to stay on track with our schedule.  I am about to over share and go on a rant, so if you would like to just skip this part continue after the pictures.  Today is the first day of my period, but it didn’t effect me until around 11:00.  Ever since I had Rafael my period has changed, now I get serious PMS and feel so physically tired that I sometimes wake up feeling hungover. While making lunch for the kids I was just so tired, and then all of a sudden my back was on fire, then my legs started to feel sore.  After putting the kids down for their naps, all I wanted to do was nap.  Part of me wanted to just forget about the afternoon plans, but I didn’t want to do that.

Now, this morning I realized that I needed to go to the supermarket, after breakfast, name writing and butterfly counting we went out.  The supermarket is around 7 blocks away and I was pushing a stroller with Rafael (25lbs) and Sofia on a stroller board (35lbs) in 80 degrees.  After the supermarket there was at least 10 more pounds hanging from the stroller.  I decided to take the kids to the playground since we were out, Francisco wanted to go home but Sofia and Rafa started crying when it was time to leave.  We went home a different way and one of the blocks we went down was a bit uphill.  I think all of this contributed to how exhusted I was on this first day of my evil evil period. I’m done with my rant…Read on.

img_5315Sofia and Rafa slept until around 2:30 and I let the kids watch Umizumi until 3:00, its educational so is  While they were relaxing I pulled out table toys and let them know that after their show was done we would transition to the table for table toys.

I turned off the TV put on music and while Sofia was excited about table toys Francisco immediately said “I don’t want to do table toys and went to his room. After explaining to him that it was table toy time and he had no choice, he decided that he would play with his Lego’s.  I set Rafa up in his highchair with some Mega Blocks and Sofia played with pattern blocks and the hexagons.  The rest of the afternoon went really well, after cleaning up they had free play in their room.  They took out their magnet puzzles and started checking for metal objects all around the house. I love when they start exploring on their own, they were so excited every time they found something that was metal.  Tomorrow I am surprising them with an ice toy excavation activity.

Me: “Why does the magnet stick to the can?” Francisco: “Because it’s metal!!”


Tomorrow this will be 2 blocks of ice.


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