BANG! A Word Game

If you want to make a simple word game for your  kids that is fast, easy and fun you only need a few things.



I used an old formula can and sentence strips from the target $1 section.

  1. A container.
  2. paper of your choice to write the words on.
  3. A list of words.
  4. Sharpie Marker
  5. Scissors
  6.  Ruler
  7. Optional – laminator

How to choose your words :  Most NYC schools use the Fountas & Pinell assessment system to determine the reading level of their students.  I made my first game with the 25 high frequency words kindergartners need to learn. (Link to: Fountas & Pinell  PDF) any words can be used to make this game, you an even use math equations.

Bang gameHow to play:  The object of the game is to have the most cards at the end of the game.

  • Players pick a card out of the container and read the word.
  • If they read the word correctly they keep the word.
  • If they don’t know the word  they place the card word down next to the container.
  • If they pick the word BANG! they lose all their cards. All cards should be placed next to the container.

There are two ways to play this game.

  1. Play for a set amount of time, when the time is up the person with the most cards win.
  2. Play until there are no more cards left inside the container, the person with the most cards wins.

Playing as a math game: Instead of words, write equations on the cards.  If you answer the equation correctly you keep the card.


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