Getting Ready For School: Day 5

I think the kids have caught on that I am basically starting school early.  While we did some stuff today, we also did a lot of hanging out.  Our morning routine stayed the same, breakfast, name writing, washing  up, short activity, and getting ready to go outside.  Instead of going to the back yard we first took a little trip to the supermarket, which they loved.  Taking your kids to the supermarket gives them a chance to learn about food and money no matter how brief it is.  Sofia and Francisco became very excited about all the different types of tomatoes and the staff found it very assuming that I had to stop them from touching every single tomato.

After lunch and naps I attempted to do some reading with them and they refused, I tried to do some math with them and they looked at me like I was crazy.  Finally Francisco took out the dot markers and they all became very excited.  I have learned as a parent and teacher that sometimes you just need to follow the lead of the kids, no matter what they are always learning.  The kids had a great time and it was the first time they were all able  to do an activity together.  Overall I feel that our 1st week went well, next week I will add a couple of new elements such as calendar and table toys.  Since there was some down time yesterday, I was able to make a new pattern activity with beads.



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