Reusable Cord Clips

I love using reusable hooks, I have them everywhere even my ceiling. I use them to hang picture frames, clocks, charts for my kids, ceiling decorations, and more.   When I found the reusable cable clips I became very excited. At the time I found them I was decorating for my daughters 3rd birthday and I needed a way to hang fake branches from the wall. The cord clips were perfect, not to mention they were great for the cable cord that was coming off my wall.

Once the party was over and I took them down I reused them for more than just cords. I of course used them for what the were intended for, I made a charging station for my kids iPads.  Now my kids iPads are always charged and the cords stay put.  I also placed a cord clip on my computer desk because I hated fishing for my computer cord when I needed to plug it in.

Finally I used the cord clips to hold up the window blinds string, now it is out of reach from my kids. It’s simple, easy and it gives me piece of mind, because I’m one of those mom’s that worries about freak accidents.


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