Lego/Mega Block Pattern Activity

Lego ActivityMy kids love Lego’s and Mega Blocks.  When my 1st son was old enough to start playing with them, my parents got on ebay and bought literally pounds of Lego Duplo blocks.  When I started making education toys one of the first things I made were Lego Duplo pattern cards.  I drew each one with markers on the back of index cards, and then I laminated the cards and put them in a small bin with the Lego’s needed to complete the patterns.  I knew it would be a fun activity for my kids and it would help them with their visual perception (more about visual perception) .

Now that they like the small Lego’s my parents once again had no self control and bought a crazy amount of mini Mega Blocks at a flea market.  I knew this meant that I needed to make  mini Mega Block pattern cards, but this time I was going to make the patterns on the computer. I happen to have small clear crayon boxes that i wasn’t using that were the perfect size to put the cards and Mega Blocks.  I places the Mega Blocks on a piece of Lego mat and I laminated the cards.  Now each one of my kids have their own small box with pattern cards that fit in any small bag.  This also makes a great travel activity, and I’m always interested in activities other than an iPad when I take my kids out.



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