Getting Ready For School: Day 3

Today was our day of rest, sort of.  I had planned to go out with the kids, IMG_5049but with the chance or thunder storms I knew we should keep things indoors.  I figured a morning trip to target would be fun especially if they had money to spend.  I got their stuff together the night before so it would be easier to get ready and out the door in the morning, and put together two wallets with money $5 each (fake money, I never have   Our morning routine stayed the same, ate breakfast, practiced name writing, washed up, got dressed, and then we made a list of things we needed and headed out to target.

When we got to target we got the things on our list first and then we went to the $1-$5 section.  I love this section because target has created a whole line of educational IMG_5054activities that just makes my life easy.  For a couple of dollars I can buy a bunch or prepackaged activities instead of spending several hours making them, I think I was more excited than the kids.

I had explained to the kids that with their money they could buy five $1 items.  A $3 item and two $1 items, or one $5 item.  They both walked away with five items.IMG_5058

After getting home we had lunch, took naps, watched a movie and enjoyed watching the rain. It was a very nice Wednesday.


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