Getting Ready For School: Day 2


name writing was not happening today.

After a wonderful first day, it is no surprise that the second day was one big challenge.  It started this morning with Francisco and Sofia having no interest in writing their names.  I thought that I should highlight some letters for Francisco to help him out, but he just refused to trace letters.  He did complete some of his worksheet while Sofia just made hers into a work of art.

I realized that they were not going to cooperate at that time if I didn’t give them something new and exciting.  I decided to pull out an activity that I was going to save for another day. I made them each a Lego/megablock pattern activity, and while they were very excited they still fought over who got what box even though they look almost exactly the same.  Eventually we sorted it out and they sat down and played for a little while.

While the kids were playing I was trying the get Rafael down for his morning nap, and he was not having it. He didn’t fall asleep until almost 10:30, and he went down with a fight.  I finally got the kids outside and I wrote some sentences for Francisco to read, which got him very excited. I wrote the sentence Francisco can play ball, he ranIMG_4997 off go his ball and started kicking it around, it was very cute.  Later that day I did sight word flash cards with Sofia while she was rolling around on her bedroom floor and making Rafa laugh (whatever works).  I haven’t been paying much attention to how many words she has learned but today I realized that she knows 18 words from her deck of sight word cards.  I was very impressed.

I was able to get some art into our day before and after lunch.  Sofia made a wonderful tree collage from her Alex collage kit, Francisco drew a picture, and Rafa did finger painting for the first time.  Before they ate lunch there were 2 meltdowns, which I attribute to their need for food and iPad withdrawal. They both said to me, “I need my iPad!”  They had a calm iPad free lunch, and Francisco didn’t get his iPad until he finished eating and drew me a picture.  The picture was a masterpiece, and he gave me a very animated description of what was happening in the picture once he was done. Once Sofia went down for her nap and Francisco was queitly playing with his iPad I was able to do some finger painting with the mini munchkin, he loved it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I finally had a chance to sit down and eat lunch at around 1:00 I was done, I had a glass of wine and decided that the rest of the day was going to be very relaxed.  We danced and sang along with the show Beat Bugs, a new Netflix show inspired by Beatles music. Rafa took another nap at around 3:00 which allowed me to do some clean up, and there were no more meltdowns for the rest of the day.  Considering how emotional and challenging today was I still feel like we were able to do a lot.

I think tomorrow I will do a new name activity with them but they need to work on writing their name every morning without fail.  When I named my son after his great grandfather, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that his name has 9 letters, poor kid. I’m thinking tomorrow we will go out in the morning, I hope it doesn’t rain.

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