Getting Ready for school: Day 1.

When my son finished Pre-K I knew that I wanted to do many things with him over the summer to prepare him for Kindergarten.  I was not sure if I wanted to start home schooling immediately or if I should give the kid a break before I teach him everything he is going to learn in kindergarten. I decided that I should allow him and his sister some time to relax and do what they want for at least the month on July.  I figured I would sneak in some math and sight words, but I wouldn’t have a structured day until August. I decided to wait until after their little brothers 1st birthday to start “summer school” which was 2 days ago August 6th.

Today summer school started, and while I have put a lot of thought into what I wanted to do with them I figured that I would just make sure that their day was more then just playing outside, watching TV, and playing with their iPads.  My main goal is to get them used to a more structured day, and to learn some of the basic things they will need to know before school starts.


Name writing practice

name practice

Name worksheet Pinterest link

While they were eating breakfast I grabbed their notebooks and created a name writing
exercise they could work on after they were finished eating.  I then came up with a basic schedule for the day and crossed my fingers. This is what my schedule looked like.


  • Schedule
    • Morning
      • eat
      • practice name writing
      • wash up and change clothes
      • iPad time (starfall only) while putting Rafa down for nap.
      • go outside to play
      • table toys
    • Afternoon
      • lunch 11:30
      • free play
      • Sofia’s nap and quiet free time for Francisco 12:30/1
      • math
      • free play outside & inside
      • dinner
      • bedtime routine

Quietly playing with their starfall app while I put the baby down for a nap.

As you can see there are only times attached to lunch and nap.  That is because I didn’t want to put time restrictions on anything else, I just want them to get use to some kind of structure.  It turns out that my morning went really well, and Rafael even cooperated when it came to napping (that’s a major plus).  The afternoon was a little more tricky, they weren’t as agreeable.  I expected them to resist so I  kept activities short and when they complained I told them that they needed to continue working to get free time.  next week I make activities longer to help build stamina.


Today’s math activities: Back yard ten frame math, using bowling pins as counters.  Number writing practice, & unifix cube patterns.

While I felt that we had a good day it wasn’t without its meltdowns.  When Sofia told me she didn’t want to make unifix patterns I told her that she had to make at least one before she could have free time.  She had a full on tantrum which included arm flailing.  I didn’t give in and 5 minutes later she calmed down and made one pattern, which was plenty for a 3 year old.

  • My plans for this week:

    • Tuesday: focus on arts & Crafts and reading.
    • Wednesday: weather permitting, take a trip somewhere.
    • Thursday: focus on writing.
    • Friday: a bit of everything.

I will document the next couple of days on my instagram @bigapplemami and my facebook page Big Apple Mami along with my blog.


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