Unifix Cube Pattern Activity

Materialsunifix cubes

  • Unifix cubes
  • Scissors
  • Large index cards or card stock
  • Markers
  • Laminating machine ( you don’t need to laminate the cards but they last longer.  An alternative to laminating is using clear packing tape.)
  • Ziplock bag or container.

Learning patterns is part of the common core standards for kindergarten.  My son is 4 and my daughter is 2, I would like to give them a head start since I know what they should be learning once they get to school. (I teach kindergarten)

Here is a fun and simple way to help teach patterns to your children.  (I literally created these cards while they were sitting with me at their table.) They were very excited to play with the unifix cubes for the first time, so while they excitedly played with the unifix cubes I quickly drew a couple of patterns on index cards that I cut in half horizontally.  I started off with only 2 color patterns and immediately gave them the cards.  Now they had a challenge, and right away they started making the patterns on their cards.  While they started their patterns I continued to make more difficult cards.  I was able to create around 10 different pattern cards and they played for about 20 minutes before they just decided to connect all the cubes and make a really tall unifix cube tower. Later that evening I laminated the cards, hopefully they will still be intact when my 2 month old is old enough to use them.

Mami Tip – Your time should be for you, make activities with your children.

Since I have 3 children, I rarely have a quiet moment to create activities for them, and when I do have a quiet moment I want to just sit and drink a cup of coffee. Most of the time I have to make things with them.  It actually works out well because they get really excited that your doing something new right in front of them and they get to play with it right away.

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